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Custer and His Commands: From West Point to Little Bighorn

Custer and His Commands: From West Point to Little Bighorn

  • 1695

Format: Paperback72 Pages
ISBN: 9781853673580

This stunning pictorial series presents the uniforms and equipment of the men and women of the United States Army in full detail.

The War In Europe: From the Kasserine Pass to Berlin, 1942-1945 by John P. Langellier
Bluecoats: The U.S. Army in the West, 1848-1897 by John P. Langellier
Longknives: The U.S> Cavalry and Other Mounted Forces, 1845-1942 by Kurt Hamilton Cox and John P. Langellier
Billy Yank: The Uniform of the Union Army, 1861-1865 by Michael J. McAfee and John P. Langellier
Johnny Reb: The Uniform of the Confederate Army, 1861-1865 by Leslie D. Jensen
The War In The Pacific: From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa, 1941-1945 by Jonathan Gawne
Over There!: The American Soldier in World War I by Jonathan Gawne
The U.S. Army Today: From the End of the Cold War to the Present Day by Christopher H. Cureton
The U.S. Marine Corps: by Christopher H. Cureton
Patton’s Third Army: by Christopher J. Anderson
Redlegs: The U.S. Artillery from the Civil War to the Spanish-American War, 1861-1898 by John P. Langellier
Sound The Charge: The U.S. Cavalry in the American West, 1866-1916 by John P. Langellier
Grunts: U.S. Infantry in Vietnam by Christopher J. Anderson
Fix Bayonets: The U.S. Infantry from the American Civil War to the Surrender of Japan by John P. Langellier
Uncle Sam’s Little Wars: by John P. Langellier
Custer and His Commands: by Kurt Hamilton Cox
Hell On Wheels: The Men of the U.S. Armored Forces, 1918 to the Present by Christopher J. Anderson
The Fall of Fortress Europe: From the Battle of the Bulge to the Crossing of the Rhine by Christopher J. Anderson 

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