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Follmer: American Wheel Man

Follmer: American Wheel Man

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By Tom Madigan

Signed by George Follmer

This beautifully produced book covers his entire career of George Follmer. starting from Gymkana competition with a Volkswagen Beetle in parking lots to Formula One. George won the 1972 Can-Am championship driving a Porsche 917-10 for Roger Penske. He also won the 1972 Trans-Am championship becoming the only driver to ever win both championships in the same year. He would win the Trans-Am championship again in 1976 driving a Porsche 934. This and other drives in legendary Porsche's make him one of the most successful Porsche drivers ever. Covers IndyCar, NASCAR, Can-Am, Trans-Am, Formula 5000, Formula One, LeMans, World Championship of Makes, IROC Series and numerous others. Forewords by Roger Penske and Parnelli Jones.


"I think I can speak for many in the race car business when I say that George was highly underrated as a driver. I would put him in the category of being one hell of a race driver." -Parnelli Jones

"Publisher Ed Justice, Jr. and the author have teamed up to produce a tome that will be of keen interest to anyone who was a fan of Trans-Am, Can-Am and the racing of the '70s and '80s. . . a well-done book." -Gordon Maltby, Porsche 356 Registry

"One of the best edited and illustrated books of the year and a great racing take on a great racing driver." -Dan Davis, VICTORY LANE magazine

"It's as if you were sitting down with Follmer himself as he bench-races through his career. . . a nice tribute to a notable motorsports career." -Mark Wigginton, SPORTS CAR MARKET magazine

"the whole story about one of our greatest ever road racers, and beyond that, the rich history of a couple of wonderful decades in motorsport. If you are a real racing fan, you must order this book." -Matt Stone, former editor of MOTOR TREND CLASSIC magazine

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